In order to establish truly effective safety protocols, a company must be vigilant and must have foresight. Each worker on sight has a “buddy” – at any given time, there is a minimum of 2 workers on the job.

Prior to actually start of work, we mobilize a team to inspect the sight and identify any and all potential health hazards. All workers are always and repeatedly oriented in the company’s safety protocols.


As soon as we are commissioned for a job, we make sure we have the appropriate equipment for the requirements. We use power tools to accomplish all our task, as this ensures quality and efficiency at all times

Here is a list of our equipment:

  • 2 industrial vacuums
  • 3 industrial air ventilators
  • Portable chipping hammers
  • Paint shaver Pro (USA) dustless removal of paints
  • 4 concrete plainers for coating removals
  • Standard mixing drill and grinders and weighing scale
  • Laser leveler for slope corrections in concrete screeds
  • 2 Laser meter with 80 meters max
  • Coating thickness meter
  • Concrete scanner for metal and electrical conduit detections
  • Standard trolleys for debris hauling
  • 1 unit of Cement mixer (1 bagger)
  • On site Personnel locker for good warehouse keeping
  • 10 industrial safety harness with fall protection
  • 3 orbital sanders
  • Safety goggles and masks
  • 2 LED industrial lamps with tripod for night shifts
  • Tri fold aluminum heavy duty ladders